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Month: October, 2009

Gucci Mane

Yesterday after work but before anybody left, this one girl was talking about study abroad in London and how it changed her life. Nobody else went but a lot of people talked about why they didn’t. Then they started talking about their college degrees, it was awful. Someone was supposed to be a nurse, someone […]

Tegan and Sara

Obviously I’ve been listening to the new Tegan and Sara CD. There’s a song on there and so far it’s the one I like the best: “On Directing.” I picked Jessie up at the airport the other day and I played it for her, or rather I played some other songs first and then I […]

Yo La Tengo

The thing with this is, since I very first started liking music Yo La Tengo was my secret favorite band. Secret favorite in the real definition of the made up phrase — I feel like in loving them I also stand outside everyone else who loves them, and I don’t care what they think or why […]

Washed Out

Photo by Grant David Keyes I didn’t realize it at first, but Washed Out are the Air France of No Age, it’s so obvious now of course I love them. Quick side note, actually: I’m always uncomfortable referring to solo projects with band names in the singular form, I don’t know what the rule is […]


Last week’s Psych guest-starred Kenan Thompson and the guy who played Urkel. Despite avidly following his career from 1994 to 2000, including the long-running television show which bore his name, I’ve been mentally mispelling Kenan with two e’s, probably more often than you’d think. According to Wikipedia, his catchphrase is “WHYYYYYY!” and “he usually yells it […]