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Month: November, 2009


James just sent me an email called Mount Kimbie that I haven’t responded to yet: “Pitchfork wrote them up just like yesterday and 50 mile view still gives me that tingly spine thing.” First I’m going to listen to the buildup three times and really drag it out, that’s when I’ll write the intro parts, […]


I started to write this at work today on the back of a receipt, it was to prove how much I’ve listened to Catacombs. I don’t even know if it’s that much, really. I had to stop because it was a bad idea, and I started with “Cass McCombs is plodding.” A month or so […]

Owl City

I’ve made this argument before: James: I really like the Tallest Man on Earth but he sounds too much like Bob Dylan, so why don’t I just listen to Bob Dylan? Duncan: Bob Dylan isn’t making music anymore so somebody’s got to. I like this joke because he is, because who cares. The point is […]