Death From Above

by Duncan

When I first started driving myself to hockey practice, this was the first CD I had. I didn’t have a reference point for their sound, and besides them I don’t like it. I found them because I liked everything 679 Recordings was doing, which at the time was The Streets and Plan B and maybe the Futureheads. I think I had a Fiery Furnaces CD too, and then at some point Mike Jones and Most Known Unknown and Slim Thug Already Platinum. I don’t know.

We used to go to Rita’s after practice, which ended around ten when most other places were closed. That’s why I remember the Fiery Furnaces, because a lot of guys were into sound systems and bass and I didn’t have 2 Live Crew but I had the first two minutes of Quay Cur, which in conclusion is why I like dubstep.

Actually my timeline doesn’t make sense here. Maybe not the first CD after all because I think all that stuff came first, and then rap came later because I would have played “Swervin” if I had it, and now that I think about it I bought the vinyl to “Poppin’ My Collar” freshman year, which feels like forever after “Romantic Rights.”

Death From Above 1979 were really great. I remember their bio was they met in Canadian prison, and I liked that they didn’t have a guitar. Actually that helps the timeline because when I was playing guitar a lot in high school, I said I didn’t like guitar music. My favorite song was “Black History Month,” and looking back besides “Sexy Results” which has the tambourines and bongos, it was the least metal song on there. I don’t remember if I ever saw a snowboarding video with a Death From Above song, but it would be a good idea.

Now we like to watch The Tonight Show while making dinner. Last night I said how old do you think Conan is, 54? Jessie said 46, and she was right. It’s weird he says twitter instead of tweet, which is why I guessed so high. But today is the first time I saw that video. What happens after two minutes is pretty good. Before that part, I was wondering if the drummer’s legs were skinny so it’s nice he stands up so you can see. It’s too bad Max’s jacket gets caught at first, but it sort of makes you think it’s impromptu, the way when somebody storms the field they usually run really weird.

Even though I did it two times in a row, I don’t really like starting posts with videos. Picking the picture is one of my favorite parts. I was going to use this one. But at least for this it’s justified. I listened to music in high school, that’s the summary of this post, but hey check it out look who’s playing the drums.