Gucci Mane

by Duncan

There’s no way this is going to be good, but I’m looking to kill fifteen minutes while this Nyquil catches up with me. Ideally, I’ll fall asleep before clicking Publish.

  1. When I first saw Gucci, I thought his skull cap or whatever was a new hairstyle, something like a pineapple or the cover of Til Shiloh. I was wrong, but it was better that way.
  2. The zoom-in-zoom-out thing is bad, but I guess there’s not much to do. Three guys talking emphatically doesn’t make for great cinema, at least as viewers we don’t have to lean forwards and back on our own.
  3. I appreciate Soulja Boy’s dedication to new media and the density of his tattoos, but today I mainly love that he looks like Wacka Flocka’s little brother. His oversized suit coat really looks like something, but like my imprecise Buju hair reference above, I don’t really know what I’m talking about.
  4. Wacka Flocka Flame is the Lebron James of rappers’ lips. I like when he namedrops his own mildly successful mixtape single on someone else’s actual single, he just seems so oblivious. I love it. Plus, in a profession dominated by sub-5′-6″ men (see #3), it’s refreshing to see a seven-foot colossus, especially one with poor lip-syncing abilities.
  5. I really didn’t get this song when it came out. The beat is annoyingly paced, bingo sounds stupid when I say it, and nobody really raps great. But after reading three youtube comments in a row that said “wtf gucci sayin,” and then picturing when Soulja Boy says “the valet park my bicycle,” and theeeennn thinking about the time at work when I was singing Wacka Flocka under my breath and Darryl sort of paused when he was walking by and I knew that he knew… well I think about all that and I definitely dislike it less.
  6. Ah, here it comes. Goodnight.