Owl City

by Duncan

I’ve made this argument before:

James: I really like the Tallest Man on Earth but he sounds too much like Bob Dylan, so why don’t I just listen to Bob Dylan?

Duncan: Bob Dylan isn’t making music anymore so somebody’s got to.

I like this joke because he is, because who cares. The point is I really liked Postal Service, and the gross byproduct is I have a remarkably high tolerance for knockoffs.

I can’t remember why but yesterday when I was looking at the iTunes store I clicked on the preview thing for the #1 song, I think because I hadn’t heard of Owl City. I only listen to NPR now and not DJing has me farther out of the mainstream pop loop than I’ve ever been. The song starts with some familiar click-motivated wimp synths; there are some christmas bell things which I guess wouldn’t be in a Postal Service song, then he starts singing. The owl picture above best represents how it sounds, or how I responded.

When I played this for Jessie I said “want to hear the new hit song,” and realized repackaging Postal Service is totally appropriate, it’s like post-post-Postal Service. That sound / sentiment is so age-specific. I think this a lot, my theory goes something like: “at first you think X was really good when you liked it, and that now that whole thing is over, but really it was never good and everybody knew it, you just hadn’t realized it yet.” A good example is like Varsity styled clothing, or most styles of sunglasses. So basically if you’re in high school you like Postal Service, and if they don’t exist anymore and it’s been a few years, you like Owl City.

I mean, picture yourself at age fifteen or so and tell me this, the first line of the whole album, wouldn’t really appeal to you: “Please take a long look through your textbook / ’cause I’m history / when I strap my helmet on I’ll be gone.” He doesn’t have a driver’s license how is that not obvious. Garden State, what were you guys thinking.

That’s really all I had to say. Owl City is not a good band but they sound a lot like Postal Service. I liked Postal Service so I kind of like them, but let’s be honest with ourselves Owl City is not a good band. The CD’s still playing, which it probably shouldn’t be, and he just said something about a fuzzy sweater and snowflakes falling gently to the ground, wow I need to write in my diary I mean my blog.