by Duncan


Last week’s Psych guest-starred Kenan Thompson and the guy who played Urkel. Despite avidly following his career from 1994 to 2000, including the long-running television show which bore his name, I’ve been mentally mispelling Kenan with two e’s, probably more often than you’d think. According to Wikipedia, his catchphrase is “WHYYYYYY!” and “he usually yells it when Kel does something wrong.”

Urkel on the other hand, I mean who is that guy. I never watched Family Matters except yesterday when I told Jessie I never watched Family Matters. We watched an episode online and I liked Stefan Urquelle, but mostly I made the face above. I don’t know how to phrase this exactly, but ideally, and as often as possible, in conversation, that’s the face I’d like to make.

Now we’re watching French Kiss. It was supposed to be in the background and Jessie was going to work on a drawing and I was going to work on this, but now she’s saying “avion… avion… un avion” and dancing and the movie’s ending. I’m tired and I didn’t really write anything, I think I forgot what I was saying at all.

There’s so much here—Heavyweights, I was going to talk about Psych, the knuckle puck—but I look up and see that blank stare and I just get lost, they’re like too little beady black holes of apathy. I started thinking about the All That theme, I found it online with this comment: “I hope i look back at myself in 20 years to today and feel as good as i feel now about 10 years ago when i was 6,” and more than anything I wish I could have said that.