Yo La Tengo

by Duncan

The thing with this is, since I very first started liking music Yo La Tengo was my secret favorite band. Secret favorite in the real definition of the made up phrase — I feel like in loving them I also stand outside everyone else who loves them, and I don’t care what they think or why and I only read one Yo La Tengo review once. Secret favorite even from myself: I always forget the songs I like and I don’t know who is in the band, not that I know who is any bands besides Girls and rappers.

These videos are like the perfect embodiment of how I think about Yo La Tengo. I love so much the sounds of kids on top, and I love it so much I want to do other stuff at the same time, so I stop watching and start writing or looking at pictures. I love how it looks and I don’t even care to see. (Wait, video 2 just started, it looks awesome. Actually I’m going to watch, he looks so old but also like Ari and Uzi).

You know a favorite band is your favorite band when you hear one song and you have to stop it because you remember another one you love just as much. I lied when I said I forget the names of their songs, because I always remember “Pablo and Andrea,” and even though I do forget at first I know all of And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out.

The reason I like the kids so much in the video is I pictured them all along. I was looking at stuff about Fantastic Mr. Fox today and I saw Jarvis Crocker has a song, and I don’t care at all about Jarvis Crocker, but instead of him, if they were better-bearded or had more slide guitar or something, I imagine Yo La Tengo in there somewhere. Or that song from Yo La Tengo Murders the Classics where somebody’s daughter sings “Route 66” over the phone. I think it’s because they’re so inoffensive, which is why they will only ever be my secret favorite. I’m probably not even going to finish the second video, I just remembered “Don’t Have To Be So Sad.”